Jevin Sackett

Jevin Sackett

Jevin Sackett is the Founder and CEO of Sackett National Holdings. Privately held, SNH owns and operates companies that have provided an expansive portfolio of technology services and data solutions to a broad range of industries for nearly 20 years.

In 2010, Jevin Sackett created Sackett National Holdings to facilitate Sacket’s vision for expanding the company into new markets. Based on emerging cloud-based technologies, SHS’s products and services are designed to meet the growing data and information needs of a broad range of industries, including property, employment and energy. As a parent company, Sackett National Holdings, provides the essential executive services to its subsidiaries.

The first of these, National Credit Center, was founded in 1996 to bring real-time qualification to automotive dealerships.  After holding previous management positions with NCC, Sackett took over as CEO in 2010. Under his leadership NCC has become the second largest credit reseller to automotive dealers in the United States. The NCC suite of technology and data solutions provides automotive dealers with a way to efficiently run consumer credit processing in real-time, which benefits dealers, lenders and consumers. Ten percent of automotive dealers across the nation use the NCC platform and the client base is rapidly growing.

SNH’s holdings include the SettlementOne family of companies. Before Jevin Sackett joined NCC, his interest in providing information technology to the real estate industry prompted him to start businesses in that sector. Once he joined NCC, Jevin Sackett took that interest and experience and created SettlementOne, which rapidly became an industry leader in providing data to mortgage lenders. Demand for new technology in other industries led Sackett to broaden SettlementOne into new directions. Today SettlementOne includes three separate and specialized entities:

  • SettlementOne Credit serves the mortgage lending community
  • SettlementOne Valuation provides a portfolio of appraisal services and valuation products
  • PeopleFacts offers high quality employment screening products to employment organizations nationwide

In 2011, Sperian Energy was founded and added to the portfolio to provide competitively priced retail energy products in deregulated markets across the country.

Jevin Sackett resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. As an FAA-licensed pilot, Jevin enjoys spending his free time in the air looking over the Nevada landscape. For Jevin, nothing matches the thrill of taking to the sky and taking in the remarkable sights.